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HiLo 3300 Lb. Electric Counter Balanced Forklift with 118" Lift Height, 110V

This HiLo 3300 Lb. Electric Counter Balanced Forklift, with its 118" lifting height, stands as the quintessential solution for efficiently managing palletized goods within a variety of settings, including warehouses, supermarkets, workshops, and residences. Its compact design, marked by a small turning radius and a responsive steering system, ensures exceptional performance even in the most confined spaces, making it the ideal choice for narrow-aisle warehousing. This versatile forklift finds its applications not only in factories and warehouses but also in logistics centers, with a particular emphasis on suitability for cold storage and the food industry. Operators benefit from an ergonomic control layout, placing lift, lower, tilt and sideshift functions conveniently within arm's reach. Unparalleled visibility is provided through the wide-view mast, enhancing safety and precision during load handling. Additionally, a generously sized mirror and an overhead guard-mounted handrail assist operators when reversing.


  • Electric Counterbalanced ForkLift
  • Standard 110V Electrical
  • Hauls up to 3300 lb. Capacity
  • LED Working Lights
  • Integral Sideshift
  • Heavy Duty Commercial

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