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CSP-81 Steel Reversible 120v Countertop Model Dough Sheeter

The Prepline dough sheeter machine is a perfect way to streamline food prep operations in your bakery, restaurant, or hotel. Our commercial dough roller allows your staff to rapidly sheet up to 20 inches of dough for pizza, pasta, wraps, and baked goods. This is a classic 3/4 HP reversible countertop model dough sheeter. The stainless steel roller is position-adjustable to support dough thickness between 1mm and 40mm. Save time on dough sheeting and get more value for money with the Prepline dough sheeter.


  • Steel construction
  • Heavy-duty usage
  • Fixed conveyor speed
  • Manual roller adjustments
  • Preset roller thickness control
  • Foldable tables for space saving storage
  • Safety features
  • Countertop model

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